Pool Water Tester 15 Parameters - Easy to Use Home Pool &

Pool Water Tester 15 Parameters - Easy to Use Home Pool & Hot Tubs Tester

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  • Collect a water sample and place it in the measuring chamber of the PoolWaterLAB photometer.
  • Add the reagent to the water sample; the reagent will react with the target chemical compound in the water.
  • PoolWaterLAB will measure the concentration of the chemical compound and display the result in ppm.
1. Active Oxygen (MPS) 0.00 – 20.0 ppm
2. Alkalinity 0 – 200 ppm
3. Aluminum 0.00 - 0.30 ppm
4. Ammonia 0.00 – 1.20 ppm
5. Bromine 0.00 – 13.0 ppm
6. Calcium Hardness single 0 – 500 ppm
7. Chloramines 0.00 – 6.00 ppm
8. Chlorine (fCl | cCl | tCl) 0.00 – 6.00 ppm
9. Chlorine (HR) 5 – 200 ppm
10. Chlorine dioxide 0.00 – 11.0 ppm
11. Copper 0.00 – 5.00 ppm
12. Cyanuric Acid 0 – 100 ppm
13. Hyd. Peroxide (LR) 0.00 – 2.40 ppm
14. Hyd. Peroxide (HR) 0 – 180 ppm
15. Iron LR 0.00 – 1.00 ppm
16. Nitrate 0 – 50 ppm
17. Nitrite (LR) 0.00 – 1.50 ppm
18. Ozone 0.00 – 4.00 ppm
19. pH 6.50 – 8.40
20. PHMB 5 – 60 ppm
21. Phosphate (LR) 0.00 – 4.00 ppm
22. Phosphate (HR) 0 – 80 ppm
23. Potassium K 0.70 – 12.0 ppm
24. Sulphate 5 – 100 ppm
25. Total Hardness 0 – 500 ppm
26. Urea 0.10 – 2.50 ppm
27. Zinc 0.00 – 1.00 ppm
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The following parameters can be tested in salty water


Parameter Fresh water Saltwater Seawater
Active oxygen  
Chlorine dioxide  
Cyanuric acid  
Total hardness    
Calcium hardness  
pH  *  
Hydrogen peroxide


* Special case pH measurement

Depending on the salt content of your sample, the measurement result must be corrected according to the following scheme:

1 molar = -0,21 pH
2 molar = -0,26 pH
3 molar = -0,29 pH
where: 1 mol salt (NaCl) = 5.8 % = 58.4 g/l

Pools with salt electrolysis are not affected.
In salt electrolysis, a maximum of 7 g/l salt is used, far less than 1 mol (58.4 g).

1 x PoolWaterLAB (Water Tester)
1 x Triple measurement cuvette (exchangeable)
1 x Light protection cap
3 x Plastic stirring rod
1 x 10ml syringe
3 x AA batteries
1 x Digital user manual
1 x Collecting bag
20 tablets DPD N 1 (free chlorine)
20 tablets phenol red (pH)
10 tablets DPD N 3 (bound / total chlorine)
10 tablets CYA test (cyanuric acid/stabilizer)
10 tablets Alkalinity-M (alkalinity/acid capacity)
LabCOM Software
LabCOM App
LabCOM Cloud Service
24 month warranty.
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    A PoolWaterLAB photometer is a device that measures the levels of various chemicals in your pool water, such as chlorine, pH, alkalinity, and hardness. Here are some reasons why you might consider buying a PoolWaterLAB photometer to maintain your home pool:

    1. Accurate Measurements: A PoolWaterLAB photometer provides accurate measurements of the chemical levels in your pool water. This helps you to adjust the chemicals in your pool precisely and avoid over or under-dosing, which can lead to problems such as algae growth, cloudy water, and skin irritation.

    2. Cost-Effective: Regular testing of your pool water is essential for maintaining healthy water conditions. Buying a PoolWaterLAB photometer may be more cost-effective than continually purchasing test strips or sending water samples to a lab for analysis.

    3. Convenience: With a PoolWaterLAB photometer, you can test your pool water at home, at any time you want. This can be more convenient than traveling to a pool supply store or waiting for lab results.

    4. Easy to Use: Most PoolWaterLAB photometers are easy to use and come with detailed instructions. You don't need to be a chemist to understand how to use the device, and most models provide digital readings that are easy to interpret.

    5. Preventative Maintenance: Maintaining proper chemical levels in your pool can help prevent problems such as algae growth, cloudy water, and equipment damage. By using a PoolWaterLAB photometer to test your water regularly, you can catch any issues early and address them before they become more severe.

    In summary, a PoolWaterLAB photometer can be a cost-effective, convenient, and easy-to-use tool for maintaining your home pool. It provides accurate measurements of chemical levels in your pool water, helping you to prevent problems and keep your pool water clean and healthy.

    Works with liquid solid and powder reagents.

    Tablets Reagents

    The reagent tablets have been distributed all over the world for several years.  Advantages of tablets is a long shelf life, exact dosing and easy handling.

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    Liquids Reagents

    Some parameters can or must be measured with liquid reagents. With liquid reagents no crushing of tablet is needed. Shelf life of liquid reagents is 6 months

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    Powder Pillows Reagents

    For some tests, powder pillows are required. All powder pillows are produced, blistered and packaged in Germany.
    Shelf life powder pillows reagents is 24 months

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