Pool Water Tester 15 Parameters - Easy to Use Home Pool &

Pool Water Tester 15 Parameters - Easy to Use Home Pool & Hot Tubs Tester

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  • Measures 15 Water Parameters With Professional Level Accuracy

  • Works with solid or liquid reagents, App and Software, IP68 Waterproof, Bluetooth

  • Warranty on the device 24 months!!! 

  •  Easy to maintain water balance on your own.
  •  Our water tester comes in a modern and improved edition to give you accurate results. The pool lab Photometer 15 in 1 gives you a modern solution for professional water analysis in whirlpools and pools. It has 6 quick access buttons for personal measuring methods.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: With our 15 in 1 water tester, you can test up to 15 water parameters such as pH value Chlorine(free/combined/total), Alkalinity (Acid Capacity), Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer), Active Oxygen (MPS), Bromine, Chlorine Dioxide, Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide LR, Hydrogen Peroxide HR, Total Hardness, Calcium Hardness, Urea, PHMB. You only need our water tester to test the 15 water parameters.
  • FREE SOFTWARE: Our electronic water tester comes with free software that you can use in your PC and MAC. You can also use the free app for iOS and Android. You also get a free cloud service to help you synchronize data between your smartphone and computer. The cloud service also helps you store the data and make it easily accessible when you need it.
  • POWER EFFICIENT: The electronic photometer doesn’t need a lot of battery power to work. It comes with 3 x AAA batteries that can run the water tester for a long time before replacing them. Our water tester is just what you need in your home or even in your pool business.
  • EASY TO USE: You don’t need to hire a professional to help you use our water tester. Our water tester comes with a user manual that is easy to read and understand. The user guide is written in five languages English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. It will take you through step by step on how to use the electronic water tester.
  • Basic kit
    PoolWaterLAB  Photometer
    Light shield
    3 x AAA batteries
    Plastic stirring rod
    20 tablets DPD N° 1 (chlorine)
    10 tablets DPD N° 3 (combined/total chlorine)
    20 tablets Phenol Red (pH)
    10 tablets Alkalinity-M (Alkalinity/Acid Capacity)
    10 tablets CYA-Test (Cyanuric Acid/Stabilizer)


  1. Active oxygen|0.0 - 30.0 mg/l (ppm)|reagent for measurements - DPD N°4.BUY NOW
  2. pH value|6.5 - 8.4 mg/l (ppm)|reagent for measurements - Phenol Red.BUY NOW
  3. Acid capacity (alkalinity)|0.0 - 200 mg/l (ppm)|reagent for measurements -  Alkalinity-M.BUY NOW
  4. Cyanuric acid (stabilizer)|0.0 - 160 mg/l (ppm)|reagent for measurements CYA-Test.BUY NOW
  5.  Bromine|0.0 - 13.5 mg/l (ppm)|reagent for measurements - DPD N°1Glycine. BUY NOW
  6. Chlorine Free|0.0 - 8.0 mg/l (ppm)|reagent for measurements - DPD N°1. BUY NOW
  7. Chlorine Total|0.0 - 8.0 mg/l (ppm)|reagent for measurements - DPD N°1 DPD N°3. BUY NOW
  8. Chlorine dioxide|0.0 - 11.4 mg/l (ppm)|reagent for measurements - Glycine.BUY NOW
  9. Ozone|0.0 - 4.0 mg/l (ppm)|reagent for measurements - DPD N°1DPD N°3Glycine.BUY NOW
  10. Total hardness|0.0 - 500.0 mg/l (ppm)|reagent for measurements - Total hardness .BUY NOW
  11. Hydrogen peroxide HR|0.0 - 2.9 mg/l (ppm)|reagent for measurements - Hyd. Peroxide HR.BUY NOW
  12. Hydrogen peroxide LR|0.0 - 2.9 mg/l (ppm)|reagent for measurements - Hyd. Peroxide LR.BUY NOW
  13. Calcium hardness|0.0 - 500.0 mg/l (ppm)|reagent for measurements - Calcium hardness .BUY NOW
  14. PHMB|5.0 - 6.0 ml/l (ppm)|reagent for measurements - PHMB.BUY NOW
  15. Urea|0.1 - 2.5 ml/l (ppm)|reagent for measurements - PL Urea 1, PL Urea 2, Ammonia 1, Ammonia 2. Pre-Order - Сontact us to order