Technical data PrimeLab 2.0

Dimensions 10cm x 25.5cm x 5.9cm (width x length x depth)
Weight 715g
Spectral range 390nm - 950nm 18 wavelength, peaks at 410/435/460/485/510/535/560/ 585/610/645/680/705/730/760/810/860/900/940nm 180° and 90° Setup for direct and indirect measurement
Parameters more than 140 parameters (flexible setup) User defined parameter function
Electrodes USB-type-C connector for pH/EC/TDS/ORP/Temp-Probes
Bluetooth 4.2 WiFi USB (type C) 4G* (via USB-modem)
LabCOM Software (Windows / Mac) LabCOM App (Android / iOS) LabCOM Cloud (web-browser)
Display 5.5" Colour-HD touch display
Camera n-build barcode / QR-code scanner
Calibration Auto-calibration function with certificate (software)
One-Time-Zero Intelligent OTZ (One-Time-Zero) function with recognition of ZERO types
Internal memory >5,000
Clock/Date RTC (Real-Time-Clock) with calendar function
Auto-Off Factory default setting = 10 minutes. Individual adjustment possible
Menu guidance Intuitive, display-controlled 4-button menu guidance; test instructions during measurement process
Power supply 8,500 mA Li-lo-battery
Languages >15
Environment 5°C - 45°C / 30 - 90% rel. humidity
Water-proof rating The device is splash-water-proof (IP54)
Reagents The calibration curves for the individual parameters / measurement procedures are adjusted to the reagents offered by Water-i.d. Using reagents from other manufacturers may lead to wrong readings / higher tolerances. PrimeLab reagents are entirely "Made in Germany" or "Made in UK"!