Probes PrimeLab

pH - EC - TDS - ORP - Temp
Probes PrimeLab
PrimeLab 2.0 has the option to connect test probes, such as those used for pH, EC, TDS, Salinity, ORP and temperature

Connnection is made by a USB-Type C cable with an A/D-exchange-box link. By connecting probes to the PrimeLab 2.0, the photometer manages the probe, obtaining readings which can be stored under the user-defined Accounts (water-sites) and synchronized to the LabCOM Cloud (optional). PrimeLab 2.0 uses highest quality probes.

Adapters for different vials

PrimeLab 2.0 utilises 24mm glass vials, 16mm glass vials and 1ml Eppendorf vials. The vial adapter can easily be changed and replaced with a simple, built in, bayonet lock.

Probes PrimeLab24mm vial adapter(standard)
Probes PrimeLab1ml Eppendorf vial adapter (e.g. for Legionella testing)
Probes PrimeLab16mm vial adapter (e.g. for COD testing)