Flexible Parameter Setup - Fair play PrimeLab

Choose From More Than 140 Parameter-Methods

Why pay for more parameters than needed?

As with PrimeLab 1.0, the PrimeLab 2.0 offers a flexible parameter setup with all options to upgrade whenever needed.

The PrimeLab 2.0 offers more than 140 different parameter-methods, covering the needs of many different industries. It is rather unlikely that one user will be in need of all parameters offered.

That's why the PrimeLab practices fair play by giving the user the option to choose and pay only for those parameters they really need. This keeps the costs down to a minimum and makes the PrimeLab 2.0 even more convenient to use.

Even after purchase, the user has the option to activate additional parameters at any time by just ordering an activation code, to be entered on the PrimeLab 2.0 for instant activation.

PrimeLab 2.0 Basic Kit in a carrying case with device, light shield, vials stirring rod, charger, cleaning brush, microfibre cloth, syringes and full printed user manual
Choose those parameters/methods from the parameter's list, which shall be pre-activated when PrimeLab 2.0 will be delivered.
Pick additional accessories, such as additional vials, pipettes, filter equipment plus reagents according to the parameters selected.
Order activation codes (at any time) for additional parameters, whenever required. Activate directly on the PrimeLab 2.0 or through the LabCOM Software / App.