For business clients

1. We offer business customers a special discount, please contact us to confirm and we will provide a special code.
2. All services as a cloud app are forever free, we provide video instructions, you can send test results to your clients from your phone right by the pool.
3. 24 months warranty on the device, if the device is out of order, you just write to support on the website via chat or support mail and we will immediately send you a new device a mailing label to return the broken one. We find out the cause of the defect in the broken device after we send a replacement to keep your business running smoothly, we understand how important it is to you.
4. Shelf life of reagents - tablets 24 months, liquid reagents 6 months. All reagents are usually available, sometimes during the peak season some are sold out faster than we produce, so we recommend buying in advance for the season. Reagents are suitable only for our production.
5. Read about accuracy here