Are you in doubt about accuracy?

     We recognize that as discerning customers, you may wish to assess the accuracy of the device you've purchased from us. We proudly stand by the superior precision of our devices, unmatched by any other currently available in the market.

    Our mission has been to empower everyday users with the capability to perform laboratory-grade measurements. In light of this, it's imperative to address the concerns that may arise when customers start juxtaposing the performance of our devices against those utilizing antiquated methodologies.

    It’s important to recognize that comparing results between different devices or measurement methods is neither necessary nor valid. Each device inherently possesses varying degrees of measurement errors. Typically, these errors hover around 10 to 50%. However, our devices break the mold with their remarkable accuracy, boasting a minuscule error margin of just 0.1-0.2 ppm when employed correctly.

    In the interest of your peace of mind, we offer you the opportunity to purchase reference standards, specifically for testing the device you acquired from us.  These reference lab samples will convincingly demonstrate that you own the most accurate and exceptional device available for both professional and personal use.

    Furthermore, as a testament to our commitment to your satisfaction, once you've completed the testing, you can return the set of standards to us, and we will reimburse the full cost. Selling these standards is not our intention; they are primarily intended for distributors and service centers.

    We extend this offer to bolster your confidence in the unparalleled accuracy of our devices.

    Here buy standards for PoolWaterLAB 15 parameters. 

    Here buy standards for PoolWaterLAB 27 parameters.

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